If these eyes could talk.

I’m switching things up a bit this week. Aside from being a week late, this is a fresh post as apposed to releasing ones I had previously written in succession. This week has been incredibly rough. There has been so much loss, so much tragedy, and so much pain. There is no positive spin, no silver lining, and no bright side. Between everything I’m going through in my personal life, the challenges, hardships, and dead ends, I’m simply tired of hearing people say things like “It’ll get better,” or “Don’t worry, things will change soon.” If you have truly ever been though anything hard you know that telling someone that things will get better does nothing for what they are currently experiencing. When you’ve been going through so much stress, anxiety, and uncertainty, someone telling you that things will get better is more infuriating than anything. In reality it’s a cop out. It’s saying “I don’t really know what to say or how to help, so here’s a generic saying to end this awkwardness I’m feeling.” Right now, for myself, and several others I know, life is hard and not very enjoyable. The only things that will make it better is time for some, and for others, resolution. I see struggle, I see hardship, and I see pain. It’s all around me. It’s a part of my life as well and it’s not a welcome guest. I want resolution, I want certainty, and I want change. What I don’t want is someone trying to blindly comfort me. I’m not looking for a hug, I’m looking to fix the things that aren’t going well. This week, in seeing the pain of other people I’ve seen countless others attempt to comfort them with empty words. It’s frustrating and disappointing. If you want to help someone, DO something about it, don’t just throw words at people so you can feel better about yourself. 


The Desperate cry.

In my generation’s search for love they seem to be willing to go to quite literally any lengths to get it. Disregarding personal well-being, safety, and even logic. But is it love they are getting? Is it the love they so desperately long for and need, or is it an illusion? An illusion paid for by the deep pockets of our modern society and media. An illusion that constantly seems to revive a never ending heart ache that so cleverly feeds the pockets of those who made the illusion to begin with. My generation wants love, but they simply aren’t getting it. They are getting what they are told is love, which unfortunately often ends up hurting them, giving them even more pain than they had, therefore making them want “love” all the more. Where is this problem originating? Well, without directly pointing the finger, where is the first place a child should feel love from? That’s right you guessed it, their parents. Quite simply, if a child is given the proper amount and type of love that they need growing up, they won’t feel so deprived when they reach their teenage years. When a child of any age is brought up in a TRULY loving and nurturing atmosphere, then why would they be so empty by the time they hit their teens? Again, parents aren’t the only origin of this generation wide epidemic. The world we live in and even peers of this age group contribute so very much.  Why they hurt each other for personal gain I don’t know. But this so called “love” they seek is almost seemingly tangible to them. Yet as quickly as they perceive to have “attained” it, it’s either gone or they are hurt again. All in the name of their so called “love”. 

The reason I can’t sleep at night.

Why can’t I sleep at night? Is it because I can’t stop thinking about the terrible injustices being committed each day, you know by society? Or was it one the ones by our government? President? Is it because I know there is so much that happens within the confines of things that are important to me(politics, government, the world in general), that I’ll never know about because the media is paid not to tell me? Is it because I know that these days no matter how smart or capable you are you technically aren’t unless you have papers that say you are? Is it because companies lie to their employees? Is it because seemingly no one is guaranteed anything these days? Yes, I am an analytical over-thinker, but it’s difficult not to be these days. With so much self-seeking in society out there, what is one to do? People have found socially acceptable was to be anti-social. In an age of myspace, facebook, and twitter, isn’t that what we’ve become? With all that in mind all these injustices are starting to make sense. Society is slowly but surely raising a monster and making sure it’s very well fed. The best part is that though this monster is still growing, its mother is already trying to call it a monster. Why, because it’s in the best interest of the mother. By calling it what it is, she can divert the attention of those incapable of objective thought to focus on the issue rather than the cause, but only monsters can give birth to monsters. She’s smart, cunning and well off. She’s a foe to be reckoned with. But I must fight, you must fight. Though, this is not a war that can be fueled with anger and executed with extreme action. This is a war that needs to be fought with facts not ignorance. Carefully thought out and meticulously executed movements wherein she won’t even see it coming. Facts are her worst enemy, why? Because facts kill lies and deceit and that’s exactly what she is. Your part in this war is up to you, but sit back and you will be taken by force, play the victim and you will become the victim, take action using logic, common sense and facts and you will do your part as a key player. I say this not because I want more sleep, but because I care. I care about you, I care about myself, and I care about our children and our children’s children. I simply ask that you not become complacent or ignorant to the world around you. Be an individual, not a sheep. Push forward and don’t look back. Hold yourself and others accountable but most of all sleep well.